Message from The Director

Greetings Families,

     It is with great joy and pleasure that I welcome you to the New Rising Star Early Childhood Development Center. Although the center has been in existence over 25 years, the season we are in now is a season of NEW!

     New ways of thinking, new ways of doing things and new ways of providing high quality services to children and families. I presently hold a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education Administration, and I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Educational Leadership. I have served in various areas of education including Lead Teacher, Assistant Director, Education Specialist, and presently Director of the New Rising Star Early Childhood Development Center. 

     It is my goal to ensure we promote a program of excellence in early development, cognitively and in fine and gross motor skills. Our program is built around the concept that children are born ready to learn. As caregivers, we strive to create a learning environment that is safe, stimulating and encouraging. 

We believe:

(1)Children develop knowledge of their world through active interactions with caregivers, peers, materials, and events. 

(2) Learning is sequential, building on prior understandings and experiences. 

(3) Learning proceeds at different rates in each area and for each child; children will show a range of skills and understandings in any area of development. 

(4) Learning in each area is interconnected; young children learn best through experiences, which incorporates several areas of development. 

(5) Learning is embedded in their-culture. 

(6) Children learn best when their learning activities are rooted in a familiar cultural context. 

(7) Learning begins in the family, continues in early care and education settings, and depends on parent involvement and caregiver guidance. 

(8) All children have the potential to achieve and NRS ECDC is the place where we shape the minds of our youngest leaders.

Educationally yours,

Christopher D. Evans


Let’s work together to provide high quality services to children and families.

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